Workshop for Companies: Your Health Source Code (20h)

The source code of your health was created in response to the needs of companies that struggle with a decrease in motivation and high levels of stress, which in turn translates into health problems of employees and high turnover. It is a 100% proprietary and custom-made program.

  • Number of hours: 6 – 20h (you can choose individual workshop blocks)
  • Meeting place: online / zoom
  • Languages: Polish and English

The price is determined on the basis of the valuation, the minimum price for 1h (for a pair of trainers) from:


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The workshop does not show how to avoid stress – it is neither possible nor necessary. On the other hand, it transmits knowledge on how to better deal with it and even use stress for individual development. We reach deep to define the needs of the body and mind

After the end of 20 hours of the workshop, participants are equipped with a lot of practical knowledge, specific tips, tools and exercises for independent work on individual well-being in everyday life, in the following areas: Body – Responsibilities – Relationships – Meaning

The workshop combines knowledge and professional experience in the field of health psychology, positive psychology, humanistic and psychodynamic trend of positive psychotherapy and elements of psychosomatics. Its holistic nature is deepened by: working with the body through yoga, breathing, as well as relaxation and meditation.

Theoretical and workshop part

During the theoretical and workshop part, we work with the sphere of thoughts, emotions, needs and behaviors. We reach the sources of stress, as well as individual resources and potential inherent in each of the participants. We work individually, in groups and in pairs. Participants have the opportunity to reflect on themselves. Think about what they need to compose an individual recipe for taking care of mental and physical health on a daily basis.

Hi psychophysical

During the psychophysical part, we practice Vinyasa Yoga – a fluid and dynamic form of yoga, characterized by increasing the natural range of motion, mobility and flexibility of the body, deepening the awareness of breathing and strength of core muscles. From the point of view of the psychosomatics of the body, it is the part of the workshop where muscle tensions are released, and hence the reduction of mental stress, controlling emotional chaos, improving the decision-making process and the overall functioning of the nervous system.

Build a health awareness culture in your organization with an expert in working with emotions, psyche and body

Conscious employers care not only about the positive and health-promoting image of the company, but above all about creating a genuinely friendly and development-friendly work environment. The level of commitment, motivation and efficiency of employees depends on their psychophysical well-being and the ability to deal with stress.


Each workshop is priced individually. The hourly wage for a pair of coaches is

  • PLN 800 + VAT / hour *

* the costs of the training should include the costs of materials depending on the number of participants

How to order:

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Additional information

Authenticity, honesty, professionalism and a lot of charisma are the words that best describe our coaching duo. Music Communication Yoga is:

Kasia – psychologist, yoga instructor, author of therapeutic stories and Wiktor – mediator, scrum master and musician