Wandering Reflections – 9 Relaxing Piano Stories

Piano improvisation is my personal way to achieve inner peace. The album Wandering Reflections was created to share it and help the audience slow down, at least for an hour.


These are 9 musical stories, in a slow pace and ambient space filled with ‘wondering’ musical stories. I hope you’ll let them travel along with you and bring you peaceful reflections too.


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There are 9 piano pieces on the album. Below you can listen to excerpts from each of them:

What A Dream It Was 5:33

Our First Steps 6:30

Dance Of Grief And Joy – 5:16

Pay It Forward9:40

Tribute To Warriors Of Peace5:38

Saying Hello To Inner Child6:21

Let’s Get Old Together6:24

Let’s Not Over Think It8:19

Nature Of Emotions5:51


  • description of the material: 9 tracks, 100 minutes of music in total
  • File: mp4 files to download after paying for the order
  • license: files are made available under the CC BY license pliki udostępnione są na zasadzie licencji CC BY

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  3. Download the file and enjoy your home relaxation session

Additional information

The improvised piano stories became the foundations of the existence of MucoYogi – the idea for it arose when we first experienced the synergy of her words and my melodies with Kasia Kata during the relaxation (savasana) conducted during her yoga classes.

I started calling this synergy musco (from: music communication). Musco as a deep connection between improvising musicians.

This is the moment when, while playing carefully, you literally start speaking the same language and the common music begins to speak through you. I think this feeling is universal and known to all playing (and listening at the same time) but I didn’t know a good word to describe it before. Hence this neologism (Maybe it already exists in other languages? I don’t know).

So far that’s it, but of course I would be happy to tell you more about each of the 9 stories recorded on the album.

I hope it will be a nice hour in your life.