For companies on request: Original Musical Relaxing Stories

Stories are a universal language, a way of transmitting wisdom through the emotional zone, rather than through the intellect. As practitioners of positive and transcultural psychotherapy and the narrative approach in psychology, we treat working with stories as a complementary tool supporting the therapeutic process.

  • Duration: to be determined
  • Meeting place: Zoom – live stream and / or we provide audio recording
  • Languages: Polish and English

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Our original art therapy storytelling with musical accompaniment is a journey into the depths of the subconscious, to the inner world full of symbols and metaphors

It is a journey to a safe buffer of imagination, where you can meet your emotions, with yourself – and let go of psychophysical tensions, as well as remember what is important and universal for all of us (e.g. Acceptance, Tolerance, Trust, Peace, Respect, Gratitude, Unity).

They refer to everyday life, but through the world of emotional images. In this way, they communicate with the Inner Child, enable identification with the content and bypass the mature self-defense mechanisms, the rational mind – which often prevents us from broadening our perspective, from seeing a truth other than ours. The story opens a space for change, acceptance of difficult emotions and the people around us. This unique form of relaxation introduces a slightly hypnotic state that affects what is sensitive in us and what seeks care and attention – so often overlooked in the rush of everyday life and stiffening in interpersonal conflicts.

The stories build bridges in the “adult” world full of artificially created divisions. Although each session is story-telling and we create it on request, addressing the needs of employees. In addition to the therapeutic content, we approach with special care to work with conscious breathing, the diaphragm, the ability to calm down, muscle by muscle, using visualizations that often penetrate into the everyday life of the participants and turn into a practical habit of self-silencing.

See what the therapeutic story looks like:


Each story is individually priced. The price depends on the length of the piece and agreed details.

How to order:

  1. Ask for a quote and let us know your preferences
  2. Give us 1 week to prepare a proposal for your company
  3. We will send an offer to the e-mail address provided and together we will arrange the details of cooperation.

Additional information

The materials are created for you by the Music Communication Yoga duo:

Kasia – psychologist, yoga instructor, author of therapeutic stories and Wiktor – mediator, scrum master and musician