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Discover the workshops for companies from MuscoYoga

Our offer includes various workshops for companies, both those dealing with the topic of agile communication in software houses, as well as interpersonal communication or wellbeing. If the last word is a secret to you, we already explain: well-being at work puts emphasis on the well-being of employees. The way they work is influenced by their individual mental state and their ability to deal with stress and emotions.

What do wellbeing workshops give to companies? See the benefits

Take for example training for a company for a good night's sleep. It seems that adequate relaxation is something private that the company does not have to invest in. However, when the techniques of coping with stress do not bring results, and the employee does not get a good night's sleep, he is less effective and creative at work, and his tolerance to other people in the team decreases. Introducing wellbeing at work reduces tension and improves work efficiency by focusing on enhancing individual mental well-being. A team is a set of people, each of whom is an important element.