For companies on request: Original Musical Coaching Meditations

Thinking about “meditative lay people” who need specific guidance and engaging their attention, and taking into account the way our mind perceives reality – that is, through narratives, stories – we propose a form of meditative stories with coaching exercises intertwined with metaphors.

  • Duration: to be determined
  • Meeting place: Zoom – live stream and / or we provide audio recording
  • Languages: Polish and English

The price is determined on the basis of the valuation, price from:


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Addressing clients’ needs, such as concentration at work, managing emotions before or after a difficult conversation, work life balance, procrastination, stimulation – we came up with the idea of meditating other than those available on the market.

Thanks to coaching meditations, we engage listeners who follow the content and visualizations, we help them better organize their thoughts, take a deeper breath, look at their emotions and see practical solutions to a given situation. We compose each meditation according to the needs of employees, so that it brings the best effectiveness to their realities. That they feel taken care of and understood.

Listen to an example meditation:


Each story is individually priced. The price depends on the length of the piece and agreed details.

How to order:

  1. Ask for a quote and let us know your preferences
  2. Give us 1 week to prepare a proposal for your company
  3. We will send an offer to the e-mail address provided in the form and together we will arrange the details of cooperation.

Additional information

The materials are created for you by the Music Communication Yoga duo:

Kasia – psychologist, yoga instructor, author of therapeutic stories and Wiktor – mediator, scrum master and musician