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Individual Online Session

As a certified psychologist with many years of practice and a yoga instructor at the same time, I invite you to online individual meetings. Choose the type of session and the date.

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I am talking about myself Psycholożka Na Macie – for years I have been exploring psychological and yoga methods of working with the body and mind

Working with the psyche is a tool for me to understand emotions, broaden the perspective on a difficult situation, change the way of thinking into a more rational and positive one – so that the daily narrative supports you and does not block your potential. Working with the body during yoga practice – a tool for general health improvement – our material map of experiences, needs, beliefs and habits.

Select the date of the session

Below you will find a list of available dates where you can still make an appointment. The dates are shown in consecutive weeks, if you do not see the date, go to the next week. Usually, the option to book a session is enabled 3 weeks in advance. You can make a purchase by clicking on the selected date.

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Psychological Consultations with Vinyasa Yoga

As a certified psychologist with many years of practice and a yoga instructor at the same time, I invite you to psychological consultations with yoga, thanks to which you will get to know yourself better. You take better care of your physical and mental condition. You will feel how much it helps you regain balance, inner peace and energy to act. You will gain motivation to work independently on a daily basis. You will learn about your areas of work, as well as your potential and resources that will help you better cope with life’s challenges. You will see how many benefits can be brought by exercise adjusted to your condition, needs, lifestyle and personality.

  • how we meet: online / Skype
  • duration: 1,5h
  • price: 180zł


Individual Online Vinyasa Yoga Sessions

Under my supervision, you will learn where to start practicing yoga, learn how to breathe properly, how to relax and calm your mind, perform poses (asanas) and adapt them to your condition and needs. Together, we will develop a yoga action plan tailored to your needs.

  • how we meet: online / Skype
  • duration: 1h
  • price: 120zł


Online psychological consultations

How to better understand yourself, deal with emotions, regain balance and peace? As a master of psychology with a specialization in health psychology and a consultant of Transcultural Positive Psychotherapy, I conduct psychological and psychotherapeutic consultations aimed at building well-being, mental strength and self-awareness. You will look inside yourself, shed your emotional burden and equip yourself with self-help strategies on a daily basis. If you feel ready to get involved in the process of making the necessary changes in your life, feel free to submit your application.

  • how we meet: online / Skype
  • duration: 1h
  • price: 120zł
  •  120zł


Depending on the selected type of session, the price includes:


Psychological session with yoga:

  • 1.5 hours of online classes by Kasia Kata


Individual yoga session:

  • 1 hours of online classes by Kasia Kata


Psychological session:

  • 1h psychological / psychotherapeutic consultation conducted by Kasia Kata

Additional information

I share my experiences, knowledge and observations in the field of yoga and psychology with you during sessions and workshops that I organize

I am a certified psychologist, consultant of positive psychotherapy and at the same time a certified yoga, fitness and pilates instructor, additionally the author of therapeutic stories, artistic and psychological projects and dedicated workshops in the field of health psychology and conscious body work.

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