Hello, here is Kasia & Wiktor

MuscoYoga is unity of our professions and passions that together create new quality in well-being, yoga and music.

Our inspirations

In our well-being workshops we combine what we love and what we are best at: vinyasa yoga with illustrative music, positive psychology, therapeutic stories, guided meditation, interpersonal skills.

We travel through life together, create and offer well-being and corporate wellness programs, interpersonal skills workshops, communication trainings. We like to go off the beaten track, so everything we do is fully original and even, as we heard, unique and innovative.

Each Vinyasa Yoga with Music that we create for you comes from our hearts full of best intentions and is an inspiring inner journey on and off the mat

Katarzyna Kata


Psychologist, consultant of Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy, Vinyasa Yoga (Yoga Alliance), Fitness and Pilates Instructor, Author of Therapeutic Stories and Well-being workshops

super power

changing impossible into possible, thinking with metaphors, broadening the perspective, bringing peace


remind people about the calling of their hearts and being the authors of their life stories - 'Feel. Think. Believe. Dream.Have Courage'

Wiktor Łoś


Music producer, Pianist, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Mediator, Lawyer, interpersonal skills trainer, author of communication skills training, Academic Lecturer

super power

boosting energy, going with the wave, addiction to laughter


contributing to building the Civilization of Dialogue

About project

MuscoYoga combines Vinyasa Yoga and Intuitive Dance led by Kasia, with Live Music composed by Wiktor. Depending on the workshop and yoga poses it might be relaxing music or dance electronic music that shows you how to motivate yourself to workout. Our music for yoga and therapeutic listening at Savasana opens your body, mind and heart.

At our events, you can start a yoga and music journey towards yourself. Kasia, I design creative yoga sequences and warm you up with them on the mat, while Wiktor creates musical compositions adapted to the character of Vinyas Flow.

we compose special moments for you, combining body, movement and original music ... become part of this composition - we invite you to the mat ...

Live music played by Wiktor stimulates the bodies and senses of the exercisers, and at the same time follows their movements and Kasia's words

Live musical compositions accompany the practitioners, deepening the sensations of motor practice, adjusting their character to Vinyasic flow or intuitive dance. You turn off your mind and flow in meditation on the move, where the deep djembe and bass sounds let you ground yourself, the piano opens your heart, and the smooth electronic beat with the sounds of nature soothes the mind and senses.

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