Sky Walk to Relaxation – Fairy Tales for Good Sleep

Lie down very comfortably and listen to a story. Follow the words and music, let yourself be taken for a night walk among the stars. Sail away into a sweet sleep with a deep feeling of relaxation in your body, heart and mind.

  • duration: 12:50 min
  • language: Polish


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Meet our meditation for a good sleep. Follow the lyrics and music to relax and fall into a deep sleep.

Therapeutic fairy tales and metaphorical stories are used by many psychologists and psychotherapists (e.g. in the current of Transcultural Positive Psychotherapy) as a tool supporting the therapeutic process. Why? Because they reach the world of our emotional images, the subconscious and the inexpressible, bypassing the rational mind and its defense mechanisms, which often prevent us from going beyond the usual patterns of perception, not bringing certain truths and broader perspectives to ourselves. Thanks to a safe buffer of imagination, we can live in peace what we might not allow ourselves to do in everyday life. We reach our inner child structures, the needs of which are often drowned out by the voice of a Raw Critic or a Cynical Adult. Among therapeutic fairy tales, there are also relaxation fairy tales, which through visualizations, and in our case also sound effects and work with breathing, help to calm the nervous system, and thus restful sleep and emotional hygiene.

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  • description of the material: 12:50 minute video
  • downloadable mp3 file plik mp3 do pobrania

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The materials are created for you by the Music Communication Yoga duo:

Kasia – psychologist, yoga instructor, author of therapeutic stories and Wiktor – mediator, scrum master and musician.