Voucher – Psychological Session with Yoga

Provide a unique gift in the form of a voucher that will allow the recipient to take advantage of the unique experience of an individual online yoga session. The session will be led by Kasia – a certified psychologist with many years of practice and a yoga instructor at the same time. Along with the voucher, you will receive a printable pdf card and a code with which you can arrange a session via our website.

  • Session duration: 1.5h


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Psychological consultation with Vinyasa Yoga

As a certified psychologist with many years of practice and a yoga instructor at the same time, I invite you to psychological consultations with yoga, thanks to which you will get to know yourself better. You take better care of your physical and mental condition. You will feel how much it helps you regain balance, inner peace and energy to act. You will be motivated to work independently on a daily basis. You will get to know your areas for work, as well as your potential and resources that will help you better cope with life challenges. You will see how many benefits can be brought by exercise adjusted to your condition, needs, lifestyle and personality.

  • how do we meet: online / skype
  • session duration: 1.5h
  • price: PLN 180


  • the price includes the purchase of a voucher for a psychological session with yoga led by Kasia
  • as part of the purchase, the customer will receive a booking code and a pdf file of the voucher for self-printing
  • the booking code will be sent in a separate message within 1-2 working days from the payment of the order
  • the voucher allows you to book an individual session on the website: https://muscoyoga.com/produkt/individual-online-session/
  • the voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase

Additional information

I share my experiences, knowledge and observations in the field of yoga and psychology with you during sessions and workshops that I organize

I am a certified psychologist, consultant of positive psychotherapy and at the same time a certified yoga, fitness and pilates instructor, additionally the author of therapeutic stories, artistic and psychological projects and dedicated workshops in the field of health psychology and conscious body work.