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Workshop for Companies: Agile Communication in a Team

Our Communication Development Program has been designed so that, after completing all six modules, employees will become excellent interlocutors, great presenters, discussion moderators, team conflict mediators and thoughtful negotiators enlarging the cake rather than fighting for a piece of it. A well-coordinated, creative-thinking team that is mature in communication is the goal we strive for.

  • Number of hours: 6 modules x 8h
  • Meeting place: online / zoom
  • Languages: Polish and English

The price is determined on the basis of the valuation, the minimum price for 1h (for a pair of trainers) from:


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We make every effort to make the workshops as practical as possible for the participants, therefore we provide them with space for an open exchange of experiences and we flexibly adapt to the specific challenges present in a given industry and company

What can you gain by inviting us to a workshop in the company:


In an unconventional and engaging way, he will develop communication skills and will be given the opportunity to further practice and consolidate them thanks to the “communication diary” received after the workshop and the potential evaluation of its implementation by the trainers in the future. In addition to shaping communication skills, the workshops stimulate reflection on the role of the employee in the team, his involvement in the team’s activities and responsibility for the results of the rest of the team.


The team will have the opportunity to realize what is most important to them in terms of cooperation and communication, so as to work effectively, creatively and in a good atmosphere. The implementation of all modules will allow for perfect synchronization and increasing the sense of identity with the team. Our mission is to transform a group of individualities into an organism that skilfully and proudly follows the chosen direction thanks to the workshops.


We develop identification with the company, stimulate reflection on its values, resources, key activities and customer relations. We stimulate care for a joint result and a sense of responsibility for the functioning of the company. We train a creative, conscious and progressive view of the product / service and the company’s image. We measure the level of employee satisfaction. We set goals and wishes for the development of the company in the future.


Module I

Communication in Agile IT Projects

Module II

Improving individual interpersonal communication

Module III

Training free and authentic public speaking

Module IV

Creative decision making and problem solving in a group

Module V

Conflict-resistant team

VI module

The art of integration negotiations in business

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Each workshop is priced individually. The hourly wage for a pair of coaches is

  • PLN 400 + VAT / hour *

* the costs of the training should include the costs of materials depending on the number of participants

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Additional information

Authenticity, honesty, professionalism and a lot of charisma are the words that best describe our coaching duo. Music Communication Yoga is:

Kasia – psychologist, yoga instructor, author of therapeutic stories and Wiktor – mediator, scrum master and musician