Guided Meditation with Music – Recording

Do you want to try meditation, but you feel resistance and incomprehension of how to go about it? Or maybe you are already meditating, but you are looking for something more original and composed especially for you?

  • Duration: 15 minutes

Pay for the order in the return message you will receive a form thanks to which you will tell us about your preferences / recording time up to 2 weeks


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With our meditation, you will learn how to breathe properly during the day, activate your core muscles, distance yourself from everyday matters and focus on what is important. When composing an individual meditation, we take into account all your needs.

See, listen and feel what the relaxations we create look like:


  • 15-minute video
  • download mp4 file

How to order:

  1. Pay for the order
  2. You will receive a form to the e-mail address provided, thanks to which you will tell us about your preferences
  3. Please give us 2 weeks to prepare the recording
  4. You will receive a file with your meditation to the e-mail address provided

Additional information

The materials are created for you by the Music Communication Yoga duo:

Kasia – psychologist, yoga instructor, author of therapeutic stories and Wiktor – mediator, scrum master and musician.