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Best relaxing music from MuscoYoga

Not only Yoga Vinyasa or guided meditations need a musical background of soothing sounds. We believe that relaxation runs deeper when it is accompanied by properly composed music. The author of the recordings in our store is the multi-instrumentalist Wiktor Łoś. By delving into holism and wellbeing, he creates background music that helps in coping with stress and finding inner peace.

Meditation music and yoga music can be made especially for you

If you are interested in specially designed yoga music or meditation music, please contact us. One of the products we offer is music productions. Thanks to this, you will be sure to find something that perfectly matches your mood and inner energy. Due to the fact that Wiktor already creates soundtracks for Vinyasa Kasi yoga classes and relaxation stories that we conduct during workshops and yoga trips, we ensure that we have not only the appropriate skills for this task but also full intuition.