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Great guided meditations downloadable mp3 and mp4 recordings - MuscoYoga shop

In this category, in our store, you will find guided meditations recorded by us for sleep, stress or focus. As positive psychology and wellbeing are our main domain (as a reminder, Kasia who creates MuscoYoga is a certified psychologist and author of therapeutic stories), you can be sure that the recordings created for you are not accidental. Every detail of the relaxing story you step into is there to help you find your breath where you need it most.

Meditations with music from MuscoYoga

The music for meditation, which is the background of each recording, are original compositions by Wiktor from the MuscoYoga duo. The meditation music he creates makes the meditations we offer in mp4 files unique on the market. The voice leading the meditation subtly harmonizes with the melody, and each sound introduces the next step in the story, helping to focus. These pieces are composed according to Kasia's breathing instructions and paths to follow her imagination.