When economy is significantly based on people’s knowledge – their Personal Agility becomes of critical importance for keeping competitive advantage.

Seeing so, it is also worth to take a look at the 5th principle of the Agile Manifesto saying: “Build projects around motivated individuals. Give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done“.

Implementing such Personal Agility mindset is part of the job of Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters they provide to the Scrum teams, in order to stimulate their self-organization & self-management. But is such support being provided to individuals too on regular basis by employers?

In our opinion, we should discuss Agility of the entire team or organization in the context of a interaction and potential synergy of it’s employees Personal Agility.

Personal Agility is human’s skill to strive for Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation in their individual lives. By supporting this skill as servant leaders in team members, this is how we can get into the core of the 5th principle of the Agile Manifesto being lived by teams.

During our WORKSHOP FOR COMPANIES: YOUR LIFE IN BALANCE (6H) we approach motivating individuals by analysing and composing a prescription for their personal balance between four areas of body/health, work/achievement, contacts/relationships, and future/meaning.

Those four spheres were found by Prof. Peseschkian’s to be vital for one’s health. Hence, while growing individual’s self-organization we also feedback it across the entire team because the principal rules of taking care of wellbeing are similar both to groups of people and them individually.

Yet – we understand that employers cannot be held responsible for their employees personal wellbeing and their ability to self-organise. But it is in their interest to support it and gives a space for competitive advantage.

Why do it? You know well what burn-out means. How did you know that it became unfortunately so frequent that

Burn-out in 2019 has been classified by the WHO as a disease and currently it really needs to spotted & tackled both by organizations and their leaders and not only concerned individuals.

We try to help those leaders, and design wellbeing programs combining classical Agile practices with our original tools and exercises like live music for yoga practice or guided meditations combined with workshops like Retrospective.

They take forms like the Coaching Meditation Session based on MoSCoW technique with specially composed mindfulness music helping you to prioritize your day in 10 minutes “Diving into the Goal Lake”.

You can also try therapeutic Storytelling Relaxation Session “Her name is Hope” dedicated to Ukrainian victims of the current russian agression.

If you’d like to listen to more of therapeutic sessions, piano music to relax or meditation music, visit our store or contact us to compose something special for You.

Kasia & Wiktor