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Individual Yoga Session – Custom Recording

Do you want to give yourself energy during the day, or maybe deeply relax, relieve your spine, support digestion, build healthy habits? Take advantage of a yoga lesson that Kasia will compose especially for you.


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Imagine a yoga session completely tailored to your needs, composed especially for you. You choose the time, pace, body areas you want to focus on, the level of advancement, and Kasia will record a yoga session for you.

See an exemplary Vinyasa Yoga session conducted by Kasia

Peaceful practice

Dynamic practice


  • a recording with a yoga session composed for you, length, acc. to choice of 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour
  • download mp4 file

How to order:

  1. Pay for the order
  2. You will receive a form to the e-mail address provided, thanks to which you will tell us about your preferences
  3. Please give us 2 weeks to prepare the recording
  4. You will receive a file with your relaxation to the e-mail address provided

Additional information

I am talking about myself Psycholożka Na Macie – for years I have been exploring psychological and yoga methods of working with the body and mind

Working with the psyche is a tool for me to understand emotions, broaden the perspective on a difficult situation, change the way of thinking into a more rational and positive one – so that the daily narrative supports you and does not block your potential. Working with the body during yoga practice – a tool for general health improvement – our material map of experiences, needs, beliefs and habits. I share my experiences, knowledge and observations in the field of yoga and psychology with you during sessions and workshops that I organize. I am a certified psychologist, consultant of positive psychotherapy and at the same time a certified yoga, fitness and pilates instructor, additionally the author of therapeutic stories, artistic and psychological projects and dedicated workshops in the field of health psychology and conscious body work.