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Individual online yoga classes recorded especially for you

Are you wondering how to practice yoga whenever you want? Individual yoga classes, created for you by Vinyasa yoga instructor Kasia Kata, will be tailored to your needs. What does your body and mind need? Where has stress built up? This online Vinyasa yoga for you can be either an energetic yoga flow with a quick asana change or a calm, relaxing yoga lesson focusing on, for example, the work of the hips or hands.

Vinyasa yoga for beginners and advanced

Recorded yoga classes will be just like your own private online yoga course. Each lesson will take you further, helping you develop the appropriate technique for entering increasingly advanced asanas. Which yoga position is still difficult for you? The position of the bird of paradise Svarga Dvijasana, Hanumanasana, hHnumanasana, Uttanasana, trikonasana, the dog with the head down, the position of the crescent moon or maybe a warrior? Write us what you want to achieve.