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Gudied relaxations with music and MuscoYoga therapy stories

In this category you will find our recordings of guided relaxation - professional, original therapeutic relaxation stories and music to relax, which you can listen to on your computer or mp4 player after purchase. They will help you calm down and soothe. By going deep within yourself you will find the strength to deal with stress, better concentration and a good night's sleep. Each relaxation conducted has a slightly different topic, but all focus on your wellbeing and general well-being in private life.

What will you get from relaxating music conducted purchased in our store?

Recorded relaxing music helps to let go of the muscle tension accumulated throughout the day and supports internal cleansing of the rush of thoughts, fears, and worries. Thanks to it, your rest may gain in quality - it will be more conscious and targeted. Therapeutic and relaxation stories for adults have for years been a well-known psychological tool that moves the sensitive strings of one's own self. By going deeper into yourself, you will understand your own needs and emotions better, and you will trust yourself again. When deciding to turn on guided relaxation, remember to create a suitable space for yourself, in which no one bothers you - it should be a time for relief and peace.