Synergy of Yoga and Music

MuscoYoga is a unique project that combines smooth Vinyasa Yoga with live music

You can meet us offline and online during: wellbeing trips, company workshops, individual sessions and festivals. Our unique style is based on combining artistic creativity with professional experience in the field of positive psychology and psychotherapy, body work, mediation and agile management.

Let's meet

MuscoYoga was created from the merger of two people, their several passions, many ideas, a sea of ​​love and a shared dream

Kate - Vinyasa Yoga instructor, who through movement and word helps people to return to the natural state of happiness and peace, Wiktor - a music producer who paints emotions with music. Together, we make our dream come true, which is to take you on a journey inside yourself.

we compose special moments for you, combining conscious movement, words and original music, join our events and become part of this composition


fell unity in movement and music
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Individual sessions

I call myself "psychologist on the mat" - for years I have been exploring psychological and yoga methods of working with the body and mind

What kind of Eye do you look at the world and yourself in it? Do your beliefs support you on a daily basis? Where do you accumulate tension in your body and what does it say to you? I invite you to sessions during which you tell me about yourself and your needs, and I will listen to you with acceptance, respect and openness.

Psychological Consultation with Yoga

As a certified psychologist with many years of practice and a yoga instructor, I invite you to psychological consultations combined with yoga, thanks to which you will get to know yourself better. We work not only with the mind but also with the body.

  • how do we meet: online / Skype
  • duration: 1,5h

Individual Online Vinyasa Yoga Sessions

Under my supervision, you will learn where to start practicing yoga, learn how to breathe properly, how to relax and calm your mind, perform poses (asanas) and adapt them to your condition and needs. Together, we will develop a yoga action plan.

  • how do we meet: online / Skype
  • duration: 1h

Events and sessions online

Make practice with us in your home

They can be useful when you practice on your own


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